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What is Single-Stage vs 2-Stage Furnace ??

People normally get confused when looking for furnaces as there are a number of varieties. When choosing furnaces, people take into account various aspects like price and efficiency. In the market, one can choose between one stage furnace and two sage furnace.

Though these two furnaces have high efficiency, they are different in many ways. One of the main differences between one stage furnace and two-stage furnace is with regard to the BTU rate. A single stage furnace always runs in full capacity (one BTU) when there is a needfor heat. On the other hand, a two-stage furnace runs at a low BTU rate during the first stage. The second stage becomes operational only if the first stage is not able to maintain the required set point. This means that the two-stage furnace uses less fuel than the one stage furnace.

The two-stage furnace can be termed as two separate furnaces. A benefit of the two-stage furnace is that one stage operates during mild winter and another runs during colder winter. But this facility is not available with a single stage furnace as there is only one furnace.

When compared to one stage furnace, the two-stage furnace distributes heat more evenly.  Moreover, the two-stage furnace operates in a quieter atmosphere in contrast to the one stage furnace.

The two stage furnace runs for a longer time than the one sage furnace. When comparing the two furnaces, the two-stage furnace runs in a lower speed. There is also a consistent flow of heat when using a two sage furnace. The one stage furnace only has a single speed furnace blower whereas the two-stage furnace comes in multi speed furnace blowers.


Written by : Prabhat. and updated on December 10, 2010

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