6 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Save Money on Heat

  1. Program your thermostat
    A programmable thermostat is great, especially in these cold winter months. You can program your furnace to run at specific times, that way you are not spending money on heating your home when you are not there, and you can guarantee that your home is warm for when you return home.
  2. Use your ceiling fans
    Ceiling fans are not just to cool down a hot room in the summer, but to circulate air in a room through any season. If you use your fans in reverse motion, they do a great job of circulating the warm air throughout your home, cutting down on your furnaces work.
  3. Unblock heating vents
    Turning the furnace up should not be your first instinct. If you’re noticing that the area you are in is colder than the rest of the house, go around and make sure all your heating vents are clear and that there is nothing blocking them. It can be anything from clothes on top of a vent to a dresser too close to the vent, blocking or containing the heat.
  4. Fix Leaks and Drafts
    Are there spots throughout your home that cold air is finding it’s way in? This can be a tedious job if you don’t know where these spots are already, although you can have a professional in to test this for you. The most common places to look at around doors & door frames, windows, openings to attics, and even in some older homes it has been known to come through under trim that is on an outside wall at ground level.
  5. Repair Air Ducts
    The duct work in your home can become damaged or ripped. If your duct work is easy to get to, inspect it to see if there is any patch jobs or repairs that need to be made. If there are damages in your air ducts, it may be causing heat to escape.
  6. Furnace Upkeep
    Continually doing maintenance and upkeep on your furnace helps it to run more efficiently and increase its life expectancy. In turn, this will save you money on your heating bill and put less pressure on your furnace.
We at Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling can assist with most of these furnace and heating solutions. Feel free to give us a call as we would be more than happy to help, keeping your family comfortable.

Fix Irregular Temperatures Throughout Your Home

One Cold BedroomAre you finding your home is lacking that constant comfort throughout? Are you constantly moving from one hot room to one cold? Don’t waste more money by constantly turning the heat up. And refrain from covering your vents, as this puts pressure on your furnace. You may be wondering, if I shouldn’t be turning my heat up or covering my vents, how will I ever get those cold rooms to warm up? Well first of all, don’t make shift a solution, find the problem.

There are many reasons why your home may have irregular temperatures throughout. We’ve compiled a few examples and solutions in this blog post.

Balance Radiators

If your home is heated with hot water radiators, be sure to balance them or have a professional come in to balance them for you.

Repair Damaged Duct work

Repair any damaged heating ducts throughout your home. Holes or damages in your heating ducts could be causing hot air to escape and making one room warmer and another room may not be receiving the hot air it needs to stay comfortable. This can be anything from a tear, pinch or large dent in the duct work to a section becoming completely disconnected. By getting someone in to inspect and repair this, you’re also increasing your furnaces efficiency and could possibly save you money on your heating bill.

Open Dampers

Check and see if your home has dampers. If you are finding that one room is constantly cooler than others, remove the register cover and carefully look around for any sign of a damper. If this is the case, all you need to do is open the damper up and the room will begin to get warmer.

Booster Fan

Sometimes some areas of your home were built with smaller duct work. Don’t feel you need to replace it all. Instead, all you need is a booster fan. If one part of your home is not getting enough heat, a booster fan can help push some of that hot air from one side of the home to another. You will want to have this fan installed close to the room or rooms that are not getting as much heat. It will need to be wired up to the furnace fan so that they both will come on when the furnace turns on.

Hopefully one of these above helped solve your problem with irregular temperatures throughout your home. If you are still having issues, or would like some assistance on any one of these solutions above, please feel free to contact us, as we would be more than happy to help with your heating solutions.

Duct Dampers

Heating duct dampers are sometimes included in a heating system to give you the ability to manually adjust your air flow to each room, or heating register, this way to maintain even temperature throughout the home.

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