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Hi, it's Brendan Clemmens here: local realtor, life-long resident of Simcoe County, and co-owner of the Harris-Clemmens Team at Re/Max Hallmark Chay located in Barrie. Just wanted to say thanks to the whole team at Affordable Comfort. You guys have been excellent from personal residences, to client referrals, even the new ductless heat unit in our office building which has been remarkable. You're always on time, always very honest with what needs to happen - not what would be easy to sell, and for that, we thank you. We have absolutely no hesitation to refer you to friends and clients alike as we go. Thank you for the exceptional service, and please keep it up!Brendan Clemmens (HARRIS-CLEMMENS TEAM), BARRIE, ON



Ross Harris here, doing a testimonial for Affordable Comfort. I've actually known the owner of Affordable Comfort for many years, and have had the opportunity to deal with him and his company on numerous occasions. Nothing but professional, always gets the job done when they say, and their office staff are amazing at keeping you up to date with what's going on and always being available. It's been an amazing experience in the many times I've had to use them, and same with clients and friends, so thank you Affordable Comfort for everything you guys do!Ross Harris (HARRIS-CLEMMENS TEAM), BARRIE, ON



What can I say about this company? The one thing I can say about this company is that they will put in your home what you need as opposed to what you want - which will ultimately save you money. They are a reputable company - they've done my air conditioner, my water heater, my furnace - and I just think they're the best thing since sliced bread, and that's the God's honest truth. They treated me with compassion. They treated my home as if it was their own. Whenever I call them for the littlest thing, they're immediately responsive and fix it for me. I just can't say enough about this company! They make your home very, very comfortable.Jack Wilson

We've been using Affordable Comfort for the last 10 years since moving into the area and moved into this house. We have been so impressed with the service and care we've gotten from Affordable Comfort for our furnace, and then we also purchased an air conditioner. So when we got a letter as a preferred customer to see if we would like to get our ducts cleaned, there was no question. The brand, the quality of work, and the service that we get from Affordable Comfort - we said "let's make the call, let's get our ducts cleaned"! When we called and talked to Britney at Affordable Comfort, she was brilliant. She was very customer service focused and answered all of our questions. We couldn't be more pleased. We have a dog with the two of us here, and we're mostly here because we enjoy the quality of life here, so having a home where we can breathe easy? That's the name of the game! After today's duct cleaning service, we couldn't be happier with Affordable Comfort Heating & Cooling's customer service.Barb Shopland

Q: How did you hear about Affordable Comfort, and what made you choose us for your needs?

A: I’ve actually used Tom and the team at Affordable Comfort for many years. House to house-to-house he’s done jobs for me all along the way and everyone’s been great. When they come in, they share what they’re doing, they educate me on what they’re doing, and then do a heck of a job.


Q: Can you describe your overall experience with Affordable Comfort from the moment you contacted us until now?

A: Right from the beginning they explained what they were going to do. When they came in they did it professionally, made sure everyone was COVID safe, and made sure they left everything exactly the way they found it when the job was done.


Q: What product or service did you purchase or use from Affordable Comfort and how has it impacted your life or business?

A: Made my life easier, I’m going to start right there. I’ve had a number of services from Affordable Comfort with the latest being a vent cleaning, which was great. It was desperately needing to be done, and you don’t realize what accumulates in those vents. They clean those grates, and again explain the situation about airflow, which was really great. They’ve also done a gas fitting for me for my barbeque, and to take a look at my HVAC and everything else that’s going on with that. Again, it’s just made my life easy and so I don’t have to deal with that.


Q: How was your interaction with our customer support team? Were they able to address your concerns or questions?

A: Very helpful, very helpful. Any questions I did have they answered professionally and knew what they were talking about. For something that I know nothing about, they made it really simple for me to understand and again, it made my life easier by having them come in.


Q: Would you recommend Affordable Comfort to your friends and family?

A: Absolutely, without hesitation. They’re just really easy to work with. It’s affordable, it’s Affordable Comfort. Right in the beginning from the first phone call, right to the end when the job was completed and even the follow-up after it was very thorough and professional.



Q: How did you hear about Affordable Comfort, and what made you choose us for your needs?

A: I heard about the company through Google. So I was searching for a company with reputable reviews, and Afford Comfort came up and has the most best reviews that I could find and that’s how I found you guys.


Q: Can you describe your overall experience with Affordable Comfort from the moment you contacted us until now?

A: From the moment that I called Affordable Comfort, from the person that actually answered the phone, to the salesperson that came, the technician - every single person in that company has been extremely, extremely helpful. In every way – and very polite and courteous. I’d say that the whole process from the beginning until now, until the end is incredible!


Q: What product or service did you purchase or use from Affordable Comfort and how has it impacted your life or business?

A: I purchased a heat pump, and a new furnace but they fixed up some of the duct work as well, and since then the climate in our house has been very efficient, and yeah – it’s been great!


Q: How was your interaction with our customer support team? Were they able to address your concerns or questions?

A: The customer support team were extremely good at what they do. They know their stuff very well. They came by from the beginning advised me of what the issues, what the fixes would be, and even after the installation there was a couple of items I called in about and questioned to figure out how it works. They immediately came over, and sent somebody to make sure everything was working as it should. Overall, they’re very very knowledgeable – amazing!


Q: Would you recommend Affordable Comfort to your friends and family?

A: I would definitely recommend Affordable Comfort. Not only to friends and family, but also to all of my clients. Being a real estate broker, I know how important it is to deal with the right companies, and refer the right people. Affordable Comfort, I definitely have the trust and confidence to refer you guys to anyone that I come across that needs your services.



Q: How did you hear about Affordable Comfort, and what made you choose us for your needs?

A: I heard about affordable comfort after the greener home initiative had been popular, so we just got the house looking to upgrade our heat pump and furnace. We had gotten a lot of quotes from many other companies, but got directed towards wanting a Trane product and it turns out that Affordable Comfort showed up whenever I looked online and I got some homework done to see who exactly could offer a good Trane product and I placed a call to make sure I could get an estimate as well as someone to come over to see what could be done, and the rest is history!


Q: Can you describe your overall experience with Affordable Comfort from the moment you contacted us until now?

A: To be honest, they were professional from the get go. Jim came in to do the assessment, he really had that good family feeling – that good vibe that he’s going to make sure everything is going to be custom to what we’d need. Obviously, our house is different than other houses. He made sure to really cross all the T’s, dot all the I’s, but again whenever there’s a follow up that’s needed, he gave me his personal cell number and made sure to do follow ups before the installation began. Compared to all the other quotes I had gotten, it was clear that if I wanted to have services that would basically do maintenance after the installation, that it was the way to go. And since then, it’s been clear because throughout the installation, and throughout the, lets call it “the negotiation” that all questions were answered and then some. It really gave me that feeling of “We want to make sure you’ll be okay, and you’ll be taken care of afterwards”. It’s not just an install and then you never hear from us again. Jen and Andrew were phenomenal throughout the installation. They were beyond quiet, and they knew their stuff and any questions I wanted answered its – again – above and beyond. There was a huge downpour of rain that happened, but that didn’t stop them. I was worried about “What could happen to the unit?”, “What could happen to the delivery, and installation and what not?”, but no, power to these guys. Jen and Andrew are phenomenal, and Jim the day of the installation, came in ahead of time and made sure everything was okay. Had the electricians come in, and its really making sure everything is taken care of. Cleaning up, making sure there’s nothing bad done, and then following that, every time I call Affordable Comfort, whether its for finances, or when everything will be scheduled accordingly, top notch. A++.


Q: What product or service did you purchase or use from Affordable Comfort and how has it impacted your life, or business?

A: I ended up going with a Trane Heat Pump. At the same time, we just got the house in mid-December and the reason we wanted to do this was the Greener Homes Initiative. When we took ownership of the house, we realized we were at end of life because the house was built in 1989, we had a mid-efficiency furnace, and the AC was also built and installed at the same time the house was. So, looking into the Greener Homes Initiative and what could be done, it was time to do that change and to lower the bills every month, whether its gas bills or electricity, especially during the winter. After doing the homework and what not, Trane was the way to go so we upgraded to a Trane high efficiency furnace which we’ll see in the winter how it’ll be great, and then we went with a heat pump which is giving us a crisper, cooler feel. The wat that it’s actually impacted our lives is, we used to put the thermostat a lot lower at night, and then during the day to actually get that coolness, and now we actually have to – which is weird because temperature is temperature – but its actually gotten that much more efficient because of the heat pumps, so we’re happy about that and looking forward to seeing how it changes in the winter!


Q: How was your interaction with our customer support team? Were they helpful and able to address your concerns or questions?

A: The customer support team aside from Jim, Andrew and Jen, it’s whenever I would call Affordable Comfort, they were on the ball – I think there was maybe once or twice where maybe an answer wasn’t available, but then the callback was basically done promptly and if not, the accounting team, the finance team were phenomenal as well – I’m forgetting their names right now, but emails were basically sent promptly with the bills and making sure everything is okay for the Greener Home Initiative, and everything is in hand for the government application of the rebate. Like I said before, Jim gave you that feeling of “You’re getting part of the family”, and I feel like this is part of a family where I’m going to be taken care of for years to come if ever there’s an issue, but I don’t think there will be. It’s good to know that we’re supported.


Q: Would you recommend Affordable Comfort to your friends and family?

A: I would definitely recommend this company to friends, colleagues and neighbors. Reason #1 is I don’t think in this day and age – we’re in 2023 – it’s hard to find a company you can actually count on, and that’s actually there to take care of yourself as well; as opposed to just “I want to sell a product, make a profit, and I’m done and gone”. There’s a reason all the reviews you have on Google are so high, especially because I’m in Barrie and it’s not too far from the support zone. It’s phenomenal which is why when I’m having conversations with neighbors, they know we got the new heat pump and Greener Home Initiatives, but in a heartbeat I would tell them “You have to take a look at Affordable Comfort” and you can be rest assured that everything’s going to be taken care of if you do go ahead with them.

We had a wonderful overall experience with Affordable Comfort. Jenna - who came in and installed our heat pump and furnace - was absolutely amazing and very knowledgable, explaining exactly what she was gonna do and how long it was gonna take to do it. We're happy that we went with Affordable Comfort. The reviews were honest and we found that through our own experience. We definitely recommend Affordable Comfort.

Fabulous service. Came earlier than scheduled. On hottest day of the year A/C repaired and running within one hour of visit. Polite and efficient service Nathan our service tech explained the problem and quickly had our A/C going making our 4 cats, one large dog and us very happy.Sheryl Taylor (via Google)

Affordable is an absolutely amazing company!


Our first interaction was with the young lady that booked our appointment, she was very helpful and very professional. Next, Jerome came to our home on the same day to help us with our broken air conditioner. He tried so many things to try to fix the unit so that we weren’t looking at a huge repair bill for an older unit. After several hours he concluded that the fix was going to be expensive and in his professional opinion, we were better off investing in a new unit. Even though it was now after hours, he contacted his boss and Tom emailed us a very reasonable quote within minutes. Tom answered all of my questions quickly so we could make a decision fast enough to get our new unit installed the next day. Did I mention this was all happening after business hours? The service was beyond amazing.


We had our unit installed today. The installers were great too! They installed the unit and tidied everything up before they left. Now our family has our air conditioning back before the heat wave next week!


I honestly cannot say enough about Affordable as a company. 5 stars all the way!!!


Thank you everyone for helping us quickly and with so much professionalism. We will definitely use this company in the near future when it is time for a new furnace!!! Lee-Anne Henderson (via Google)

I’ve been using Affordable Comfort for the last few years. The service team has always been timely and professional. They clearly explain the issues and what needs to be done. They are also good to make suggestions for furnace and ac replacements without being pushy. I will continue to rely on this company for future needs!Kelly Duff (via Google)

Floriano and Spence installed a new furnace and air conditioner today. They were timely, courteous, professional, informative and maintained a neat and tidy work area. They represented their company extremely well and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other clients - they are deserving of the highest accolades.Shirley Beattie (via Google)

The staff and service at Affordable Comfort are excellent. From first contact with Meagan, the sales rep, to Mena the administrator, to our installers, Hayden and Shane, it was a pleasant people experience from start to finish. What a bonus to add to the excellent service, choosing the right fit for our circumstances, and one of the most competitive quotes we received to replace the AC at our family cottage. Highly recommended, great experience!Tiina Veer (via Google)

Floriano from Affordable Comfort Heating & Cooling was a pleasure to have at our house. Very professional and took the time to explain what he would be doing. I appreciate his expertise and advice on our air quality.Nicky Yates (via google)

Called Affordable for a quote to fix my gas fireplace. Excellent Customer service. Telephone rep was pleasant and courteous. Actually listened without interrupting me. Technician Chris was prompt efficient and quickly diagnosed situation with a recommendation to replace a smaller component as opposed to what a very large heating provider did. They ordered the part and came back to install as promised. Very very happy with this company. Highly recommend.Gary Pickering (via google)

I highly recommend Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling. I have hired them on numerous occasions. With each visit I have found them to be very professional, personable, on time, and very clean. They offer phenomenal customer service replying to questions and concerns immediately.Vince Savoia (via google)

This is the second time we have used Affordable Comfort this year, once for a broken water heater and this time for our A/C unit. They were able to get someone out promptly for service. Lloyd was the technician who came to see us both times and he was great, always arriving when he was expected and completed the work efficiently with a pleasant demeanour. I would recommend this company.Carla Wall (via Google)

I would highly recommend this company! On time, friendly service, who were able to detect the problem with our furnace right away. They ordered the part and were able to install/repair the next day. With a newborn at home, it was important for us to regulate the temperature in our home. Thank you for your fast and efficient service! Nathan and the other employee who came out (can’t recall his name as I was not the one who met him, started with a J) were wonderful.Krista Dawson (via Google)

Gas Tech Lloyd was polite, friendly and very knowledgeable with his work and went above and beyond helping me with my fireplace that had a loose wire and then continuing with my ac inspection. I highly recommend him. . Affordable Comfort is a great company who cares about its customers. I would highly recommend this company.Ruby Degenaar (via Google)

Out standing service. Call no other and use no other this is the company and team you want supporting and helping you no matter how much cheaper you find it. Trust me, using another company is only going to cause you headaches. Outstanding service from start to end by all the staff you deal with.Scott Franklin (via Google)

Jen and Andrew did an amazing job. Both were very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I appreciate their attention to detail and their commitment to leaving my home in a clean and tidy state. Their excellent customer service skills made the entire experience pleasant and stress free. I highly recommend Affordable Comfort for their exceptional service and great pricing!!Sahil Jassal (via Google)

Floriano and Shayne, the technicians who cleaned the ducts in my home today were not only professional but also very courteous and personable. They took time to explain things and did a very thorough job. Everything was left spotless. They didn’t rush and made sure the job was done well. They even showed me before and after photos. What a difference! I was hesitant about having the ducts cleaned and Affordable really came through. Floriano and Shayne are awesome representatives of the Affordable company. They obviously are very committed employees and a valuable asset to the company. I would highly recommend Affordable Comfort. I also had the boiler system serviced in the Fall and had the same very positive experience. Thank you so much.Kristina Mulak (via Google)

Yesterday (June 8th), we had a service visit for regular check ups on our air conditioning and heating system. The technician (Lloyd) mentioned that we would receive a survey to give feedback. We haven't as of this time received any, so I just wanted to drop you a line.

Lloyd arrived well inside the time window that we were given. He was polite, knowledgeable, and friendly throughout. He explained things as he went along. He came across as professional in every way. He left everything cleaned up and operating normally.

I've used Affordable a number of times over the years that we've been in this area and have had excellent service each and every time. I would not hesitate to recommend Affordable Comfort for any HVAC jobs. Robert North

I have had Affordable Comfort Heating & Cooling to my home several time over the years to service my furnace, A/C, bbq and fireplace. Brittany called to confirm my appointment yesterday and Anthony called to confirm his arrival time this morning. For the last several visits, my technician has been Anthony. He is personal, efficient, and explains things clearly. I greatly appreciate the service I have received from Affordable Comfort Heating & Cooling and would highly recommend them for any of your HVAC needs. Jody Mayhew (via Google)

The service received was superior. I called for service on morning of Dec 28 and same day a technician Rob was dispatched. Unable to repair the old furnace. He was so sincere and helpful promptly took action with management , I certainly did not just feel as if I was just another client, and very next morning my new furnace was being installed. The two technicians who installed were very sincere and so thorough a great job by everyone at your company.  Thank you so much, for this great service and for all the great service over the years as other times as well the service was outstanding! Wendy Carter (via Google)

Responded promptly to my call. Arrived as scheduled. Professional, friendly service. Provided clear explanation and happily/patiently answered our questions. Estimate was provided verbally and in writing before work was done.Everything was super smooth. Highly recommended! Corrine Keogh (via Google)


They installed a fireplace which is our home's main source of heat as we have no duct work. They were efficient quick on time. Work well with other contractor. It was just a great experience from start to finish. Highly recommend these. Angela Sargent (via Google)


Jim Prince was incredible to work with. He was very understanding to my requirements and his professionalism and knowledge of the products were second to none. Don't even consider any other company other then Affordable Comfort . You won't be disappointed. Brian Smith (via Google)

Awesome company, staff are hard working , respectful, polite and professional. Great job. Would highly recommend them. They installed a new hot water tank and a new gas fireplace for me. Frank Burgio

Our gas fireplace wasn’t starting.  It was blocked by a very large amount of debris from birds getting into it.  I had called several companies with no calls back or no shows to do the work.  Affordable Comfort Heating was excellent to work with.  From the initial call right through to performing the service call.  They were fast and efficient and the tech was amazing even with my very inquisitive children who kept asking questions while he worked. I’ll definitely use them again if and when the need arises. Trish Beesley (via Google)

We are very happy with the service that we received. Everyone was extremely helpful and professional and we would definitely recommend Affordable Comfort to anyone needing assistance with their heating or AC systems! Amanda Fortner (via Google)

We were recently referred to Affordable Comfort to help repair an issue my previous service provider was not able to diagnose. Tom and his team have had 2 separate calls from us and both have been met with fantastic service. Right from scheduling to quote to completion of the job, everything was done accurately and on time. I will continue to refer all my friends and family with confidence they will get the same treatment….what a great experience! Gord and Jamey Gilroy, Barrie (via Google)

It is stressful having your AC breakdown in the middle of a heat wave!! Right from the first call I received professional, quick and clear service. The office team was friendly, helpful and quick. The installers were clean, quiet and thorough. Every step was explained clearly and questions answered respectfully and patiently. I would highly recommend Affordable Comfort Heating & Cooling. Beth Gray (via Google)

Excellent and courteous service on multiple occasions.  We have used them for AC maintenance then Replacing the unit last summer and they just installed a gas line for our new gas range.  All seamless and great results!   We would definitely recommend the services of Affordable Comfort!! Sal Cipparrone (via Google)

Our furnace stopped working suddenly despite being relatively new. The company that installed it said the could not send anyone out for 2 weeks! Which we found very disappointing. We called Affordable Comfort and Jessica answered my call and was so personable and professional! They were able to book me in the same week and gave a 2 hour window opposed to 4 which is great when you are busy. We got a reminder call the day before  then the tech came and was polite and kept his mask on and boots off! He was able to diagnose the problem right away and actually fix it as it was a common part he has stocked in his van, so no new appointment! Feeling thankful and warm and cozy! Jonathen H., Barrie (via Yelp)

Saved our butts when they came ASAP to install a new AC when our old one died on us..and it was in the middle of a heat wave. They put a carpet down in our home so that they wouldn't track dirt inside the house, nice guys and professional. They also offer financing! Kathryn W., Toronto (via Yelp)

Both Heather and I want to give a (warm) thanks to Cameron and Affordable Comfort. Cameron is the type of employee I wish I had work for me in my Company. Affordable Company should be proud to have him as an employee , he would not give up until he solved or problem  and me knew it was solved when we heard  ( Ya Hoo ) coming from the basement. Thanks Again Heather and John, Wasaga Beach

Spencer and Ryan just left and were a pleasure to have in our home today. Respectful and well informed, they answered our questions and explained everything we need to know to get started with our new equipment. The A/C is nice and quiet. They adjusted the fan on our furnace to improve airflow when A/C is running. All in all we are very pleased with the choice we made , both equipment and installation company. Lucy and Jim

Just to express my appreciation and thankfulness to a job well- done by Derek to get the heating back in my house. Very professional guy and on time. If anybody needs job done related to heating, cooling ....don't call nor go anywhere. Call Affordable Comfort - for reliable and dependable job. A. Garcia

I’ve never been compelled to write a review before today. The service I experienced with Affordable Comfort and Heating however was so exemplary that I had to give praise where due. The technician dispatched to us (Derek) was very polite, friendly and professional. He took his boots off at the door and brought drop cloths to contain any mess. Derek was very personable and answered every question we had. He made us feel like we had invited a friend into our home and not a stranger. Chris & Kelly

I am so glad that I contacted your office. Talking to Brittany in the office is a pleasure. always with a friendly voice. Must say Brad and John are such nice guys... they asked questions as to how we wanted this and that... their workmanship is top notch...they work very well together. So Very Pleased to have met them! Vera, Collingwood, ON

First, let me tell you what a great job Brad and Derek did in installing my new furnace and air conditioner. They were very professional and polite during the install, and flexible enough to listen to my suggestions. A great job overall and that went a long way to making me feel at ease after the difficult start to the week when I discovered my old furnace was declared unsafe because of dangerous venting. I am looking forward to much more efficient equipment and savings on the gas bill.

I also want to thank you for the thorough and professional way you explained all the rebates and assisted me in making last minute decisions regarding the choice of AC model. You also answered my phone calls and emails promptly. Furthermore, you went ahead and helped me set up the Energy Audit in a very timely manner so I could benefit from further rebates. Lorraine Van Vlymen

Called out for loss of heat on a Saturday morning. Here within the hour. Diagnosed & heat restored within the hour. Left me with some recommendations. Very reasonable rates. Highly recommend. Robert North

We had some work done to move gas pipe so that it would be attached to the wall of the house and would work both the BBQ and the firepit. We have had people do work in our home before. Furnace etc. But this is the first time we have had such enthusiastic, and extremely polite workers in. 

There was just such a difference in the way your 2 employees worked while they were in our home. They worked with great teamwork and enthusiasm. Although it was a horribly hot day, they went about their job as though the temperatures were 'normal'. They were very appreciate and polite when I offered them a cold drink. We were extremely pleased and due to the great work that your employees did for us, and the manner in which they did the work, we will not hesitate to recommend your company to friends/family. Thank You! Cathy Coker & Jeff Sandney

l would like to thank you for the prompt service that you have given my wife and I. I called about my furnace that wasn't working right, and your service person told us what was wrong with it, and it made it easy for us to decide what to do: replace the 18 year old with a new one. Thank you for the service. The install of the new furnace was great. The installer took the time to explain any questions we had. Its great to know you can depend on someone when you are in great need of help. Mike H., Barrie, ON

I'd like to pass on my sincere appreciation for the work performed by Chad and Jay yesterday. This was an insurance job to rectify a lack of airflow in the ducts throughout the house. Both gentlemen were courteous and professional at all times. They answered any questions I had completely and in a way I understood. Chad ensured that I was happy with everything they had done. I will be using Affordable Comfort for all my heating and cooling needs from now on. Brian, Angus, ON

Our 20 year old furnace died this past Friday night on one of the coldest weekends of the winter.  We called several companies and had numerous sales people use pressure tactics or try and up-sell "pitch" various (unnecessary) products to us.  I guess they figured we were desperate because it was down to 59F in the house. We were not impressed by any of them. Matt from Affordable Comfort offered to come over late Sunday afternoon to quote us.  We were relieved to have someone talk to us about furnaces in plain language, without pressuring us to sign a contract or try to convince us that “renting” is the way to go – like the other companies insisted upon. 

In fact, before he left, Matt offered to try and get the furnace running for us so that we could have heat for the night.  As parents with two young kids, my husband and I were blown away, and extremely thankful.  Of all the people that walked through our door, Matt was the ONLY tech who offered to do this for us.  Sure enough, he got the beast going, and we were finally warm again.  Needless to say, we called Matt Monday morning to book, and he arrived that same afternoon with Chris to install our new furnace.  We will definitely be using Affordable Comfort for all future heating and cooling needs.  Thanks again for going above and beyond and providing such amazing customer service!!  You guys are leaps and bounds above your competition.  Terri, Thornton, ON

We had our old gas (propane) furnace replaced. Tom came to our house, inspected our current heating system and provided a quote. We had two other companies provide us with a quote as well but we choose Tom because of his knowledge, professionalism and our sense of trust in him. We were not disappointed. Our new furnace was installed by Tom and Chris, including a new thermostat and duct work. Great job! Great guys! Honest, professional, dependable and capable. Christine P., Everett, ON

In the middle of a cold snap of -20, I woke up to a 13 degree house. I called a few places asking for the cost of a new furnace installed as my current one was 20 years old and not worth repairing. Affordable Comfort not only gave me the lowest quote by quite a bit but was also able to install it the same day which the other places could not offer me. The guys that came out were professional and knowledgeable and completed the task making sure that the job was done properly. I am extremely satisfied with Affordable Comfort and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of furnace repair/replacement. Gavin B., Barrie, ON

Just wanted to give you guys a big thank you. Awesome service, and an awesome company! You guys really are the best! Thank you so much! Scott, Orillia, ON

Totally blown away with the amazing service. These guys went over and above. The technicians Tom and John were extremely knowledgeable and personable. And their workmanship was very thorough, neat and tidy. This level of service is rare. We had them in for furnace maintenance, and they were also able to fix a problem with our HRV. The HRV had been installed incorrectly by another company (one of the largest companies in Barrie). Their rates are also incredibly reasonable. This will be the only company I will use from now on. halliganbar114, Barrie, ON

We recently had a new furnace and air conditioner installed by Affordable Comfort. The installation was done in a friendly and efficient manner. They were presented with a few challenges due to the fact that our house is a 30 year old home and the existing system was the original. They faced these challenges with professionalism. We were extremely pleased and would certainly recommend them to anyone requiring their services. Marion O., Barrie, ON.

I decided this year to put in ductless A/C. It has been great especially as the summer was so hot. The service has been fantastic. I would recommend Affordable Comfort (Heating and Cooling) to anyone interested in installing A/C or heating.My experience was great. Diane S., Orillia, ON

First I will say I am a business owner and know the hard work it takes to makes a business successful. After dealing with so many heating and cooling companies owning an older home I will no longer deal with any other company than Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling. After the quality of service, the professionalism of their staff and the great rates!! How do I look anywhere else. I have never been happier with a service. They truly care about the customer satisfaction and the quality of service they deliver. A Great Company that many should take lessons from. Darrel, Barrie, ON

There I was with a mess!! Another company apparently fixed my problem, charged me a ton and nothing fixed after several visits and no return calls. A friend of mind recommended Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling and it was a lifesaver. They came the same day. The staff were professional, friendly and explained everything to me. They showed me exactly what was needed and why. I wish I had called them in the first place. Their prices are more than reasonable and I just can not say Thank You enough. I have since recommended them to others and have heard nothing but positive feedback. Angela H., Barrie, ON

It was a pleasure doing business with this company. The technician (Tom) was timely, professional and very knowledgeable. We will definately be using Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling from now on for all our heating and cooling at our residence, and my husband's business. As well, my elderly mother had occasion to call for a furnace repair and was so pleased with the honest service, she ordered a fireplace cleanup and remote control to be installed by Tom. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that needs any heating and cooling work. Congratulations on new lifetime customers! mnichol, Springwater, ON

We were very pleased with the technicians that installed our furnace and air conditioning. They were very courteous and friendly, we would feel very comfortable recommending this company to friends and family. Diane and Brent Hughes, Innisfil, ON

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