Navien tankless water heater maintenance

We often get asked about how and when you should be performing maintenance on your tankless water heater. The simple answer is that the manufacturer recommends it be done annually. Performing simple maintenance will extend the life of your water heater and prevent future problems. The main thing, as most people know by now, is the “flush” or “descaling” of the unit. To maintain good flow and efficiency through these units you must have them descaled, with a manufacturer approved solution. Some of the other things that will be done during a maintenance are; cold water inlet filter checked and cleaned, venting system checked and filter cleaned, wiring and electrical connections inspected for any loose or frayed wiring and inspect seals and gaskets for signs of wear or leaks. By maintaining your tankless water heater annually you will be ensuring a long lifespan on your newest energy saving product.

Warning !! Cracked water heater venting

WARNING! We are coming across a lot of the ABS venting on power-vented water heaters that is cracked. If you have a water heater with ABS coming off the top, please take the time to inspect for visible cracks in the first 90 or 45 degree fitting. That pipe is responsible for exhausting harmful fumes outside and if it has a crack itwill allow those deadly off-gases (Carbon Monoxide) into your home. The have changed the code so that new furnaces and water heaters require a specific PVC venting material that is resistant to temperature fluctuations, however the old ABS is allowed to remain on older units until the unit is replaced or the ABS requires repair. At that point the entire venting system requires the upgrade to PVC.

Tankless water heaters

One question we get asked all the time is “whats the deal with
tankless water heaters, do they really save you that much money?”

In short, yes they do. Typical storage style water heaters run between 50%-65% efficient, where a Navien tankless is up to 97% efficient. Depending on your existing water heater, you could be saving up to 47%.

Consistent hot water, and an almost endless supply of it. You can fill up that Jacuzzi tub finally, no problem. Run a dishwasher, shower and have the washing machine going at the same time, with no shortage of hot water.

Eco-friendly, A Navien Condensing water heater decreases no less than 964 lbs of CO2 per year compared to a conventional tank-type water heater and 324 lbs compared to a conventional tankless-type water heater.
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Benefits of a Tankless Hot Water Heater

How Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy
From Jeffrey Orloff, former Guide

Cost of Heating Water in the Home:
Generally, 20 percent of a home’s energy use comes from heating water for bathing, washing dishes, laundry, and cooking. Annually, this can add up to more than $450 to operate a conventional storage water heater.
How Conventional Tanks Work:
Storage tank-type water heaters raise and maintain the water temperature to the temperature setting on the tank (usually between 120 degrees – 140 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees – 60 degrees Celsius). Even if no hot water is drawn from the tank the heater will operate periodically to maintain the water temperature. Also, when cool water enters the tank to replace used water it too needs to be heated to the desired levels.
Standby Loss:
The process of heating water in a storage tank suffers from what is called, “standby loss”. Standby loss describes the energy wasted to maintain a specific temperature in the tank. Standby loss accounts for up to 20 percent of a home’s annual water heating costs.
How Tankless Water Heaters Work:
Tankless water heaters are often referred to as, “on-demand water heating,” because it does not store heated water. Once the faucet is opened, water flows into the heater where a sensor turns on the heat exchanger or heating coils. Water flows through the heating coils, it is heated to the desired temperature. Once the faucet is closed, the sensor automatically shuts down the heating coils. The entire process takes about 5 seconds to heat the water initially.
We have seen that since there is no standby loss, tankless heaters can be more energy efficient than their counterparts. Other advantages to tankless water heaters are that they do not waste water since water is heated almost immediately. Also, you will not run out of hot water in the middle of a shower.
Since tankless heater are smaller and do not hold water, their life span is 20 years, twice its counterpart’s.

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