Understanding your central air conditioning system

We are all familiar with our air conditioner being the large square box at the side or back of our house. However, your central air conditioner is a system with many components. Everyone knows their furnace or air handler is what heats them over the winter, however not everyone realizes the same blower motor that gives you heat in the winter also cycles your cool air in the summer. As you can see from the diagram, there is an evaporator coil above the furnace(normally hidden in your duct work). That evaporator is what the cold refrigerant is pumped through by the outdoor unit or condenser. Your furnace fan motor is forcing the warm air in your home across the cold evaporator coil in your duct work. The cold refrigerant absorbs the heat from your home and rejects it outside. If your furnace filter is dirty, there is less warm air blowing across your evaporator coil and therefore less cool air being cycled in your home. Likewise, if the outdoor condenser is dirty or covered by bushes, it is unable to reject as much heat from your home.

How a Central Air Conditioner Works

In order to give you a general idea of how a central air conditioner works, we have put together a short video. We hope that this may answer any questions you may have.

If you find you still have questions or would like to talk to us about getting a central air conditioner, feel free to contact us today!

Central Air Conditioning Repair

How is a Central Air Conditioner Setup? 

Central air is made up of two sections. One being the condenser unit, usually located on the exterior of the building, and the other the evaporator, typically found by the furnace. A home’s forced-air system is used to distribute air throughout the building. This system is known to be used with a furnace to distribute heat throughout the home, although in most cases with a central air conditioning system, it also is hooked up to this distribution system to distribute cool air throughout the home also. This works as the warm air from the home is forced across the evaporator coil, cooling the air and sending it back through the same duct work as the heated air would be.

My Central Air System is Working but My Home is Still Hot?

If everything checks out and both the condenser unit and the evaporator unit are working properly, the problem would most likely be the forced air distribution system.

What if the Problem is my Central Air Conditioner?

Both the units that make up a central air conditioner, the evaporator and condenser, are both sealed and should really be taken care of by a professional air conditioning repair technician. It is hard to pin point exactly what your issue is before opening these units. We do not suggest that you open them on your own, although when you have the technician take a look, make sure you turn off all power going to the system.

Is there a Way to Prevent Repair Costs?

The first and best way to prevent paying for repair costs is to continue to do general and regular maintenance on your central air conditioning system. The second thing to remember, when a problem does reveal itself, be sure to call upon professionals that know what they are doing and can eliminate any further issues while they are in there. We, at Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling are more than happy to assist with your central air conditioner repair and maintenance. Give us a call!

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